Who we are

Based in Cheshire The Coachworks was set up by Sallie Bate.

We collaborate with a number of associates and organisations to deliver robust and resilient solutions for our clients.


Sallie Bate

Key Strengths: Realistic, adaptable and a pragmatic problem solver.  Sallie is expert in the full spectrum of employee relations and development activities, from performance management, grievance and disciplinary management, through to the development of high performance in individuals and teams.

Value to the Team: Challenges existing methods if she feels they are inadequate.  A compassionate coach and facilitator, Sallie brings focus and commitment to your business. She is able to dovetail the strategic, big picture with tactical implementation and is passionate to facilitate models which can be directly applied back into your workplace. Practical and highly emotionally intelligent she forges strong, lasting relationships. Sallie has a steadfast belief in the people she works with and has an enviable track record of success both with and for her clients.

Sallie believes that the ever-changing landscape in employment and case law has left managers confused and unsure as to how to tackle HR issues for fear of being taken to court. She works with you to dispel this confusion, using a friendly, no-nonsense, confidential approach, focused on ensuring that best practice runs alongside the commercial requirements of your business.

Sallie quickly learned that a “one size fits all” approach does not suit her clients and she is dedicated to meeting the individual need of each company she represents. To some she is their total outsourced HR department, representing the company in appraisals, disciplinaries, reviews, interviews etc. For others she is simply the person on the end of the telephone to clarify points, get advice and be a sounding board.

If you need to speak in confidence with Sallie please get in contact.