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July 10 , 2014 | Posted by Sallie Bate |

First impressions count…

First Impressions do they really matter? When one person meets another person, object or scene, they form a mental image. Many studies show that a first impression is formed in milliseconds and they are made primarily from visual clues that we

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June 20 , 2014 | Posted by Sallie Bate |

Delivering Excellent Service

Are you delivering on your promises?  Is your customer service strategy filtering through to all levels of Customer facing staff? Understanding the level of service that you provide and the level of service that you say you will provide can

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A Process for Managing Change

Do you have a routine somewhere in your life?…..maybe the way you get ready for work in the morning…you may take a shower first, get dressed then have some breakfast………Well what would happen if someone told you that you had

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