Delivering Excellent Service



June 20 , 2014 | Posted by Sallie Bate |

Delivering Excellent Service

Are you delivering on your promises?  Is your customer service strategy filtering through to all levels of Customer facing staff?

Understanding the level of service that you provide and the level of service that you say you will provide can be very different. Displaying customer focussed signs, leaflets and mission statements on websites will not make your employees ‘customer champions’, and if they’re not naturally good with customers, the customer caring messages you give out could be causing more harm than good.

When running a business providing customers with a positive, helpful experience before, during and after buying something is the priority. Because, ultimately, this will lead to loyal customers.

Expectation and the level you choose to set is about understanding your business and knowing what you want to achieve. If a customer is lead to believe from the information they have gathered, a certain level of customer service when visiting your business or purchasing your service, and that level is not met, then you are likely have disappointed customers. Simply meet the service expectation that you advertised and you will get satisfied customer, but exceed it and you start to achieve the customer loyalty.

Customer ServiceIt’s not often you will see people complaining when queuing to be served in high street ‘99p’ retail shop. Most will expect to have to wait in a short queue as they feel they are purchasing a bargain priced product! However, in the leading supermarkets, queuing to be served is being seen as unacceptable from the customer. This is mainly because of the information we’ve gathered from the messages sent out by the business – websites, TV adverts, flyers etc. “Our customers come first ““You are our number one priority!”

When these expectations are not met, customers are disappointed, they may give the business a couple more chances to put things right, but soon they will vote with their feet!

Finally, ensure that the expectation messages you give to your customers are also given and understood by your employees. More importantly, give them the opportunity to ensure they offer that level of service 100% of the time.