Getting our Internal Customer Service right



June 2 , 2014 | Posted by Sallie Bate |

Getting our Internal Customer Service right

As a business, if you were given the opportunity to tell a customer how they could help you to provide them with a better service, wouldn’t you use this opportunity?

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston Churchill.

Providing a quality service to internal departments within a business can be overlooked. However, when internal departments are not in sync with each other, it’s usually the paying customer that loses out.

With internal departments you have the opportunity to ensure the departments are providing a level of customer service to each other. When each department understands and respects the aims and targets that each other is working towards, working together is achieved and ultimately the customer will benefit

Example: Department A has a high number of external customer calls between 11am – 2 pm during the working week. Department B is not aware of the increase of calls to department A during this time frame. Department B continues to call department A around the same time every day putting added pressure to the call handlers and time delays to external customers. After the departments shares this frustration, department B agrees to call department A after 2 pm as the information they need is not time critical. Department A agrees to priorities any calls from department B after 2 pm.

There are many ways that internal departments can assist each other. Job share for a few hours once a month to understand the pressures others in the business face. Ask your internal customers for constructive feedback on the service your department offers; ask “how can we adapt what we do to give you a better service?” Other ideas to share knowledge and understanding are to ‘Walk and Talk’.

This is where at least 2 people from different departments go for a walk outside the business for at least 30 minutes. While walking they discuss issues, concerns and share knowledge about each other’s departments. Being outside and away from the building, people obtain fresh ideas, build relationships, understanding, empathy…list goes on!

We are all in it together, working for one person…the paying customer!

When President Kennedy visited NASA and asked the cleaner what his job was. The cleaner replied “My job is to help put a man on the moon”.

Although the moon isn’t the paying customer here, it shows that colleagues and departments in companies must work together to make great things happen. If you’ve got the opportunity to make the service you offer better, more efficient and professional, then make sure you ask the people who are working right next to you first. More importantly be prepared to listen to others, be flexible and accommodate some changes. Any adjustments you choose to make might not be a direct benefit to your department, but your change could greatly assist the fundamental business process.