Stop “Shoulding” on yourself!



Stop “Shoulding” on yourself!

What motivates you in your work?  Some might say that pressure motivates them, certainly, with many recent deadlines, my work has been very focussed and productive!  However it is important that we avoid one of the biggest and most common traps.  This trap is the tendency to should on yourself.


What do I mean by that?

Lets take the phrase “I should do that”.  Automatically this is saying to your brain, “I haven’t done it”, it puts pressure on saying “I need to” and it also makes doing it that much harder.  It blocks us and affects our thoughts, we have to be careful what we say to ourselves in order to keep our brain healthy.  The trouble is that the word “should” plays on a person’s guilt, and guilt is not a long term strategy for success.  Guilt breeds a negativity that does not have a place in your business.  You must love what you do, you must have a passion for it, otherwise you will struggle to give your career your best.  Once you have that passion you also need to guard it  Negativity will zap that passion and energy, and that is why guilt is not a long term strategy for success.

I’m quite strict with my coaching clients about avoiding this trap.  It may seem very simple but it is often the little things that end up making a big difference.  Get rid of your shoulding, and you will keep your passion and motivation.