Admissions of a Change Consultant

I’ve been reading a lot lately about authenticity in business and how being honest about your own struggles makes you a better leader.  In my courses I’m always very open about how I learned the hard way in situations and I share

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A Process for Managing Change

Do you have a routine somewhere in your life?…..maybe the way you get ready for work in the morning…you may take a shower first, get dressed then have some breakfast………Well what would happen if someone told you that you had

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How Necessary is Change?

Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad, one jumps off, how many frogs are left on the lily pad? If you answered that no frogs remain you are correct.  Lily pads aren’t the most stable structures and the effect

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A Handy Little Review Tool

It’s that time of year again when you really must get those Christmas presents ordered and you really must start the New Year with great intentions for your business. Well, I tell you what, how about you stop “really musting”

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