Admissions of a Change Consultant



Admissions of a Change Consultant

I’ve been reading a lot lately about authenticity in business and how being honest about your own struggles makes you a better leader.  In my courses I’m always very open about how I learned the hard way in situations and I share my experiences openly as much as I can when I wasn’t the model manager/colleague/consultant.

I’ve always likened My Time Management Course to a weight loss club…. you don’t want to see the consultant at the front of the church hall looking really skinny and as though they have never had a problem with their weight, you want someone who has been through it, hit a wall, found things were tough and who is willing to walk the journey with you.  So I regularly admit that I am rubbish at managing my time, that I’ve had struggles to be assertive and that I have experienced some of the most painful and protracted bullying.

But there’s one thing I have never owned up to, and saying it now does make me cringe, but here goes…

I don’t like change

In a world where everything is so changeable that is hard to admit.  Even harder when I have a post graduate diploma in (wait for it) the Psychology of Organisational Change and Development, and I specialise in taking organisations through change.

I also don’t like being trained

Yep, that’s from a trainer!

It’s something I plan to work on as my reaction to having to change always surprises me and takes up way too much valuable time.  Maybe that makes me better placed to support people as I get it when they don’t want to change the way they’ve worked, and believe me I do get it.