Admissions of a Change Consultant

I’ve been reading a lot lately about authenticity in business and how being honest about your own struggles makes you a better leader.  In my courses I’m always very open about how I learned the hard way in situations and I share

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A Process for Managing Change

Do you have a routine somewhere in your life?…..maybe the way you get ready for work in the morning…you may take a shower first, get dressed then have some breakfast………Well what would happen if someone told you that you had

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Time waits for no man

Whilst writing a Time Managment Course I did some calculations the other day.  During April and May this year due to all those wonderful Bank Holidays we lost 5 working days… that’s a whole week.  Suddenly it dawned on me

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Time Management Course Outline

Format: A pacey ½ day seminar on the fundamentals of time management designed to give quick access to simple tools and techniques that delegates can apply to achieve lasting change. Purpose Delegates improve self management, innovation, initiative and planning skills

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